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Until the Lion learns how to write - every story will glorify the Hunter.
Hi... I know it's an odd question to ask but you're my favorite blog so I decided to ask anyways... Do you think the age 15 is too young for sex? I don't know how old you are but have you had sex? Sorry if I'm disturbing...
by Anonim

This is so nice to hear first of all. But why do you want to have sex? Is it because you want to prove your love or make your partner happy? Or maybe it seems like everyone else is having sex? I dont believe that there is a “right” age but the problem is your relationship is not going to last forever. //generally all high school relationships fail— I was with someone and we have dated for 2 years and now its over./ And the break-up will hurt — badly — especially if sex is involved. Because you will probably feel emotionally attached after sex, it is not just physical in most cases. Its a huge decision to make, but emotionally you should be ready. So dont feel like you have to rush and make sure you won’t regret it after all.

I wish you the best in everything :)

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by Anonim

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